What Are Teeth?

When we look at the human body there are a lot of different parts and pieces that make us up.  We have our eyes, nose, mouth and ears to start with not to mention arms, legs and toes.  When we look at our bodies, we can always see what makes us up.  However, there are parts of us that we can’t see such as our teeth.

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Our teeth are made up of calcium, a very hard material.  As well as our teeth, our bones are made of calcium.  When calcium weakens however, it become brittle and can break.  When this happens with parts of our bodies such as our teeth, they need to be replaced.  Implants are often a top choice to replace teeth, but rather than worry about dental implant cost west chester, it’s best to care for the teeth we have.

To care for our teeth, we need to brush and floss them.  If we fail to brush or floss our teeth, they can become damaged and we will need to get them fixed or repaired.  If we don’t do this, then they can fall out leaving holes and gaps in our mouth.

Teeth pain

When we don’t care for our teeth, they will start to give us pain.  This is the bacteria entering into our gums and teeth material striking the nerves in our mouth.  When we have teeth pain it is sometimes unbearable.  We can’t eat, sleep or function like we normally would. 

To avoid teeth pain, make sure to brush your teeth and care for your mouth.  You want to drink lots of water and wash your mouth out with saltwater to remove bacteria.  If you have teeth pain you can do a few things.  First you can purchase over the counter medications that will numb the pain for a short time.  These are great but will soon run out.

Next, you can use saltwater, oregano and other home remedies that will help absorb the bacteria and help reduce the pain.  The last thing you want to do is continue to irritate your mouth so make sure to try and avoid eating or drinking.