How to Treat Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder affects millions of people in the world and thousands in the Atlanta area. This mental illness causes extreme highs and lows that impact the patient’s life in a negative manner. Some people with bipolar disorder have strong sexual drives that cause promiscuity, others spend money lavishly, and others are sad and may feel overwhelmed or suicidal. There is no cure for bipolar disorder but a range of treatments that help patients live comfortable lives while living with bipolar disorder.


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One of the most common forms of treatment for bipolar disorder is medications. Doctors can prescribe a patient any number of medications for this condition based on their particular needs. Medications can be used for both short term and long term treatment and have shown as an effective means of treatment for most people. There are also medications available from natural health food stores that can benefit bipolar disorder.


Therapy is another beneficial treatment for bipolar disorder. Most people who treat bipolar disorder with medications also use therapy services. With the help of a therapist, a bipolar patient can learn to better recognize the signs of a problem and manage the symptoms of the condition. Therapy also helps the person release all of their emotions and deal with them a little bit better.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is used when all other forms of treatment do not work. It is a last resort treatment you can say. When a patient needs the extra help offered at inpatient psychiatric treatment atlanta, it is usually when they have serious issues that may affect the health and safety of themselves or others. The treatment rimes vary from one patient to the next, with a 30-day minimum stay. Some programs may last 18 months or longer.