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Why You Should Never Skip Out on a Bail Bond

If you are facing a potentially long sentence in jail or prison when you go to court after an arrest, it may run through your mind that you will skip court or even skip town to avoid this possible risk. It sounds nice in your head but the reality of things is not quite so cheerful. Skipping out on a bail bond is the last thing you ever want to do.

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There are many repercussions associated with skipping on a bail bond.  None of these repercussions are very desirable, of course, but some are worse than others. When all is said and done, however, you will face your time in court. It is much easier to go to court and get it done and over with now than live a life on the run.

Plus, if you’ve used bailbonds Vista from a company like Acme Bonding Company, the co-signer of the bond is held responsible for you and the money of the bond.  If the person who bailed you out is a close loved one, you certainly do not want to place them in this type of situation after they so graciously helped you at a difficult time in your life.

Skipping out on bail results in bond revocation and your re-arrest. You are then held until the court appearance without the option for a bond. If you need a bail bondsman in the future, skipping out on bail now may make it difficult to get help. Plus, your family and loved ones will worry and experience a lot of sleepless nights if you do not go to court as you should.

Go to court to face the music now and avoid the issues above and many others.  It simply is not worth your time or the headaches that it causes to skip out on your bail bond.